External Wall Insulation used in Social Housing refurbishment project in Preston

Project Background:
Community Gateway Association (CGA) were formed in 2005 to manage 6000 homes in ten local community areas of Preston and the surrounding areas. CGA invested £80 million in the first five years on a home and neighbourhood improvement programme in order to bring every home up to the Decent Homes Standard and now invest £15 million each year to ensure that residents can live in modern, comfortable homes.

CGA recently commenced the upgrade of 70 BISF non-traditional built properties on Franklands Drive and other nearby streets. The properties were severely defective, poorly insulated and extremely expensive to heat.

Client Requirements:
CGA wanted a cost effective solution for externally refurbishing the houses and one that would:

• Allow residents to remain in their homes during the work
without stripping the external walls

• Create a watertight and thermally efficient building envelope

• Reduce CO2 emissions and lower residents’ fuel bills

• Improve the external appearance of the houses

Design Solution:
Structherm’s unique Structural Insulated Cladding system incorporating 80mm thick Enhanced EPS insulation was specified for the external refurbishment of the properties as it can be installed over the original cladding. To complete the system a Multirend Brick Effect render was applied to the ground floors in Purley Red with Light Grey mortar. The same product was also used for other areas such as quoins and window detailing. The first floors were then finished in either Dash or Acrylic and in a combination of five colour options to significantly improve the appearance of the properties.
Project Name: Preston BISFs
Location: Franklands Drive Area, Preston
Sector: Social Housing
Client: Community Gateway Association
Building Type: BISF
Product: Structural Insulated Cladding & Render Finish

• The Structural Insulated Cladding was installed while they
remained in their homes.

• Thermal performance has improved greatly with the U value dropping from 0.96W/m2K to 0.25W/m2K.

• The carbon footprint of each house has reduced by virtue of
requiring less fuel to heat them to a comfortable
temperature. This has also had the positive benefit of
reducing fuel bills for residents.

• The aesthetic appearance of the properties has greatly
improved as the refurbishment programme also included
new windows, doors, roofs, soffits, fascia boards and

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