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Mitie’s experience working with Structherm has been one of, if not the best we have had in building and maintaining a great working relationship over the last 12 months. This includes both the commercial and technical team.

Over the last 4 months I was especially impressed with the level of service we received given the almost unachievable target dates that were set due to the changes to funding. All the orders that I placed were confirmed within hours including delivery dates and not once was I let down. I might add that some of these were placed last minute by myself and your team did all they could to make sure that I was never left standing.

As for the technical side, we had twice weekly visits to site confirming that the system was being installed as per Structherms specification, which gave us the confidence that we had an additional level of auditing on site and with the large volume of works on site, this from my point of view was a Professional Quality control and new the works were installed to specification mitigating any come backs to ourselves. Structherm also arranged on site training to all of our operatives at no cost as and when we needed it, bearing in mind we had over 50 subcontractors and 17 direct employees. This was excellent for us also ensuring that the trades persons we had on site were competent at the installation.

I would like to offer my thanks to both yourself and your team in your huge effort that helped us meet our target dates. I look forward to undertaking projects with yourselves in the future.

Darren Smith
Project Manager
MITIE Property Services (UK) Limited

“The difference now is unbelievable. The old house was always cold, the gas fire and upstairs electric heaters were always on, and heat just seemed to vanish out of the house. The house now is so comfortable. The results achieved are brilliant.”

LMH Tenant
(Refurbished Boswell Type property, Pinehurst Estate in Liverpool)

“Overall the project has been completed ahead of schedule and with a small saving on the original budget. Even more importantly, residents have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the work carried out.”

Housing Officer, Cambridge City Council
(Following the refurbishment of Calder type properties)

“Overall we have been delighted with Structherm’s approach to the entire project from inception to completion. In particular it has been refreshing to observe, at all stages, attention to detail by all operatives, something so often sadly lacking in the construction industry today. Stop beading detail, substrate preparation, masking and protection of other works have all received proper attention. Variations as they have arisen have been dealt with sensibly and final costs for the project inclusive of additional instructed works have been maintained within client budget parameters. I would have no hesitation in specifying Structherm for future projects.”

Capital Planning Manager - Highlands NHS Trust
(Following refurbishment of a hospital building)

“Structherm consistently meet and exceed stringent government regulations without limiting aesthetic choice. Their ‘right first time’ approach, built by a highly knowledgeable technical design team has resulted in a level of trust between our organisations that we have come to prize.”

Surveyor - New Forest District Council
(Following Airey House refurbishment project)

“The building is looking wonderful. The team has done a fantastic job. Everyone is delighted with the way the building looks now. We’re looking forward to starting a new chapter in the life of the school.”

Head Teacher, Kingshill Primary School
(Following the refurbishment of a fire-damaged Vic Hallam type school building)

“Worcestershire County Council and the Chantry High School chose the Structherm system of renewal of the cladding of a 30-year old teaching block to give it a new lease of life and bring the building up to 21st Century standards. The teachers and pupils are delighted with the outcome.”

Building Surveyor - Worcestershire County Council

“I am highly satisfied with the work carried out by Structherm and the installation contractor. The entire process went extremely well. The building is now structurally safe, much warmer and has a greatly enhanced aesthetic quality.”

Deputy Head Teacher - John Port School
(Following the refurbishment of a Hills type school building)


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