Structherm are the market leading experts of Structural External Wall Insulation refurbishment solutions for the non-traditional low and high rise social housing market.

We specialise in providing top quality products, systems and services in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner.

Structherm were established back in 1983 when the first Structural External Wall Insulation panels rolled off the production line. Since then there have been many changes and developments over the years to bring us to where we are today.

You can read the timeline of events below: 

May 1983 - Start Of Business

Structherm were founded by Tom Gould, the now retired first Chairman. In May 1983 manufacture of the unique Structural External Wall Insulation panels commenced from the factory in Rochdale

1986 - First Major Projects

The first major project for the Structherm SEWI system was in early 1986 when an entire estate of Howard type steel framed and asbestos clad houses were refurbished in Oxford for Oxford City Council. This was closely followed by a major refurbishment of an estate of Cussins Cornes houses for Stoke On Trent City Council and other properties in East Staffordshire.

1989 - First BBA Certificate

1989 saw the very first Structherm BBA certificate issued in respect of the Structural External Wall Insulation system.

1992 - Move To Meltham

In 1992 the company moved offices and production to the new site in Meltham, West Yorkshire. Whilst facilities have since been developed and modernised Structherm are still based at this address.

2006 - Management Buy-In

A management buy-in resulted in a change of leadership in 2006.

2007 - Hanson Take Over

June 2007 saw a takeover of Structherm by Hanson Building Products, a division of the mighty Heidelberg Cement Group. Structherm’s Chairman, Tom Gould, remained with the Company on a part time basis to provide guidance on new developments and to maximise opportunities from the combined businesses.

2015 - Forterra

Following a divestment by former owners (Heidelberg Cement) Hanson Building Products changed their name to Forterra and Structherm were re-branded accordingly.

2016 - Westdale Services Acquire Structherm

In late 2016 Structherm were sold off by Forterra and acquired by Westdale Services Ltd  and so begins the new chapter as a private company once again.

Who knows where the future will take us but one thing’s for sure Structherm will always be the number 1 “go to” company when it comes to the refurbishment of non-traditional properties.

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