Before downloading any of our standard details please read the following statement:

All of the standard detail drawings available on our website are given strictly for guidance purposes only, correct specification and detailing is important to the smooth running and completion of a project. We therefore recommend you contact us to discuss your project and our experienced technical department can then assist with producing bespoke project specific detailed drawings. Structherm can accept no liability from any party acting on any information contained in these drawings. Please call us on 01484 850098 with your project details.

All of our Structural External Wall Insulation standard detail drawings are on this one, simple to find, page as a downloadable PDF file, DWG files are available on request from our technical department.

Standard Details High Rise SEWI 2019

As stated, these details are for guidance only. We have a dedicated technical team who are on hand to discuss the particulars of your project and who can help you with design and specific details. We’re only a phone call or email away and available through normal office hours.

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