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Unique Facade Solutions

Number 1 for external refurbishment of non-traditional housing & high rise buildings

Structural EWI Systems

Our exclusive structural external wall insulation systems are a cost effective way to extend the life of defective buildings.

External Wall Insulation Systems

Providing thermal and aesthetic qualities to new build and existing projects.

Range of Modern Finishes

As well our our range of renders, we can provide quality dash, brick and stone effect finishes.

   The UNIQUE EWI Refurbishment Solution


The Structural External Wall Insulation System (SEWI) is a unique, patented system … no other EWI system is able to provide the structural benefits that it offers.

Particularly attractive when it comes to the refurbishment of non-traditional property types and even when demolition is under consideration.

SEWI – A cost effective solution extending the life of defective buildings whilst improving appearance and thermal efficiency.

BBA Approved

The ONLY structural cladding system to have BBA approval.

Talk to our expert Technical Team to discuss your project in detail – we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our Systems

Structural EWI

Structherm’s unique patented system – no other EWI system is able to provide the structural benefits that it offers.

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Standard EWI

With an extensive range of insulants and finishes, Structherm’s high quality systems are perfect for refurbishment or new build projects.

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Range of Finishes

Whether matching traditional facades, or creating crisp, clean lines and a seamless, modern finish, Structherm has a solution.

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Case Studies

Our Sectors

Residential - High Rise

Our structural external wall insulation panels can be installed horizontally from column to column, or vertically from floor to floor.

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Residential - Low Rise

Low rise properties can be constructed from a range of frames and we have several solutions to meet your project’s requirements.

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From schools to commercial buildings, to office blocks, Structherm have the solutions whether refurbishment or new build.

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