Whether you’re considering a Structural External Wall Insulation system or a standard EWI system the choice of finishes remains the same. From a traditional render to a brick effect finish Structherm have textures, effects and colours to suit all projects.


Crack resistance

Highly flexible due to the synthetic resin binders which are highly elastic therefore providing excellent resistance to surface cracks in comparison to traditional cement based renders.


Excellent adhesion

Can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including our External Wall Insulation and Structural External Wall Insulation systems as well as render carrier board, concrete and masonry.

Weather resistant

Polymer modified renders provide excellent water repellency as well as resistance to stressing climatic conditions such as frost and thaw, UV rays, acid gases and pollution.

Water vapour permeable

High water vapour permeability, or breathability, enables the humidity within a buildings structure to be released unhindered into the environment, avoiding moisture build up between coating and substrate.

Through coloured

Over painting is not required as all our renders are through coloured to provide long lasting protective coatings. Everyday wear and tear does not affect the finished appearance of the system.

Colours & Texture

Colour and texture in architecture is a critical element in every project. That’s why, in addition to a standard range of 20 colours, Structherm can also supply a colour plan swatch containing more than 200 additional colours to choose from along with a variety of different textures. We may also be able to produce to a specific colour reference on a project specific basis should this be required.

We believe we have access to the largest colour range in the industry – In addition to the standard colours below, we can also match to existing buildings.

Vantage Pro Structural EWI Colours

Standard colours for our BBA approved structural EWI system.

Struc-Sil EWI Colours

Standard colours for our BBA approved EWI system.

Dash Finishes

Structherm’s range of Dash Receiver and Aggregate provides a decorative, durable and cost effective finish applied in two stages. The final aesthetic appearance depends on the combination of coloured dash receiver and aggregate chosen.

Dash Receivers

Dash receiver is a specially formulated polymer modified through colour render that provides excellent adhesion and impact resistance. A standard colour range is available.

The dash receivers should be hand applied onto an appropriate basecoat using a hawk and trowel to a thickness of 6-8 mm.

England & Wales Dash Receiver Colours

Standard colours for dash receiver in England and Wales.

Scotland Dash Receiver Colours

Standard colours for dash receiver in Scotland.

Iron Free Aggregate

The high quality decorative dash aggregates allow you to not only create classic rendered pebble dashed walls,
but also some very unique styles with our wide range of colours available.

The dash aggregate is thrown onto the surface of the dash receiver, whilst still wet, in an upward motion using a hand scoop.

For best results an even distribution of aggregate is necessary and any missed areas should be rectified immediately as it
can not be touched up next day.

Apart from our own standard range of aggregates it is possible to use regional or locally sourced materials

Dash Aggregate Colours

Standard colours for our dash aggregate finishes.

Brick Effect Finishes

There’s a number of ways to create a realistic brick effect finish and colours can be matched to replicate most existing bricks.

Clay Brick Slips

Colour chart to show part of the colour range.

Brick Slips

Structherm have a range of high quality Brick Slips.

They are usually supplied in a standard size of 215 x 65mm with a thickness of 13mm. With pistol slips available for 90 degree corners. 

We can also provide a range of easy to install brick profiles, which consist of an integrated high strength mesh fused within a flexible panel of twelve brick slips. Pistol corners, headers, reveals and individual brick slips are also available to finish the project.

Application of this pre-populated twelve brick carrier is very simple – an adhesive and pointing mortar making application incredibly fast.

Accompanying pointing mortars are also available in a variety of colours

Acrylic Brick Slips

Combine technology and traditional appearance to offer a high quality façade. Acrylic Brick Slips are lightweight (6kg/m2) and flexible, creating an ideal finish for our External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems and our unique Structural External Wall Insulation (SEWI) system.

• Faster and easier installation than traditional masonry.
• Lightweight and flexible brick slips enable over cladding of entire buildings.
• Achieves natural, traditional appearance of brick.
• Each design contains natural shades and textures, as found with real brick finishes.
• 24 Standard colours.
• Can be colour matched to any brick.
• Standard UK size 65 x 215mm.

Acrylic Brick Slips

Colour chart to show part of the colour range.

Art Brick Brick Effect Resin

Colour chart to show part of the colour range.

Brick Effect Render

It’s now possible to replicate the appearance of brick through the use of through coloured renders.

A coloured basecoat is applied to replicate the mortar and a brick coloured scratch coat applied over the top.

The top coat render is then cut through to expose the mortar layer and hence create the brick effect finish.

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