Structherm’s RoofLine system is a modular Aluminium
Integrated rainwater management system, designed specifically
for External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems to provide a simple yet
robust extension to eaves and verges that negates the need for
costly adaptations to roofs.

Design Solution:

  • Designed so that rainwater flows and discharges to the front of
the gutter and outside of the EWI system.
  • Sits high up to the underside of the tiles and used where the
existing roof / tiles have insufficient overhang
  • Mounted onto A1 fire rated Insulated fascia board to prevent cold
bridging and condensation associated with trims and profiles
  • Assessed by the BRE and proven to thermally improve the
junction between roof and EWI system
  • It’s also a patented system, patent number GB2606382.
  • Double Sealed to prevent water ingress at the head of the EWI
  • Aesthetically pleasing with traditional style profiles
  • Cost effective and faster alternative than roof extensions
  • Complies with the proposed PAS 2035 Weathering Guide




Structherm RoofLine

Download the leaflet here