Acrylic Brick Slips

High quality acrylic brick slips for our External Wall Insulation systems.

Structherm’s Acrylic Brick Slip system is made up of several layers which provide the thermal performance and aesthetic qualities required. 

Please note our Acrylic Brick Slips are NOT suitable for private housing. Minimum order quantity is 500m2 and only sold through our network of Approved Installers as part of a full insulated cladding system for commercial projects.

The first layer is made up of high performance insulation panels. Choose from five Acrylic Brick Slip system build up.types of insulant: EPS, Enhanced EPS, Phenolic and Mineral Fibre

The middle layers are a combination of basecoats and mesh which give the system strength and impact resistance.

Choose from two systems: Thin Coat or Heavy Duty

To complete the system a layer of adhesive is applied before the Acrylic Brick Slips are put in place.

1. Substrate
2. Levelling mortar (if required)
3. Insulation
4. Base coat render
5. Polypropylene reinforcing mesh
6. Primer and acrylic slip adhesive
7. Acrylic slips -
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Acrylic Brick Slips

Our high quality acrylic brick slips are available in 24 colours / designs (see images below) and are complimented by 5 standard adhesive / mortar colours. All our acrylic brick slips come in standard UK sizes of 65mm x 215mm.

Please note no stock of Acrylic Brick Slips are held in the UK by Structherm and are ordered from the manufacturer on a job by job basis with a minimum order quantity of 100m2.

Hover over the images below or click on them to enlarge.

E6000   E6001   E6002   E6003
E6000 Dark Red Multi
  E6001 Light Brown Multi (A)   E6002 Light Beige
  E6003 White
E6005   E6006   E6007   E6008
E6005 Red Multi
  E6006 Light Grey
  E6007 Light Red Multi
  E6008 Dark Red Rustic
E6009   E6010   E6011   E6012
E6009 Grey Rustic
  E6010 Blended Multi Beige
  E6011 Beige Multi
  E6012 Blended Multi Red
E6013   E6018   E6019   E6020
E6013 Brown / Black Multi
  E6018 Golden Multi
  E6019 Dark Red
  E6020 Terracotta
E6021   E6022   E6023   E6024
E6021 Grey Multi
  E6022 Blended Multi
  E6023 Light Beige Multi
  E6024 Dark Brown Multi
E6025   E6029   E6030   E6031
E6025 Blended Multi Stock
  E6029 Dark Blue
  E6030 Blended Multi Rustic (C)   E6031 Buff Multi


Standard Adhesive / Mortar Colours

Anthracite adhesive
Anthracite (LMO.0381)

Brown adhesive
Brown (LMO.0508)

Grey adhesive
Grey (LMO.0832)

Light Grey adhesive
Light Grey (LMO.0864)

White adhesive
White (LMO.0380)
System Benefits:
  • Faster and easier installation than traditional masonry (click here for more details)
  • Lightweight and flexible brick slips enables overcladding of entire high rise blocks 
  • Achieves natural, traditional appearance of brick  
  • Each design contains natural shades and textures, as found with real brick finishes
  • Can colour match to most bricks 
  • Can be used on both new build or refurbishment projects

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