Daneville Estate, Liverpool

Project Details
The Daneville Estate in Liverpool comprises of approximately 600 two-storey Boswell type properties managed by Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) the housing association which looks after 15,000 homes across Liverpool. The properties were unmortgageable and unsustainable in various stages of disrepair, many with serious structural defects, such as suffering from detachment of gable walls, and most were encountering random cracking. A total of 63 properties were also listed as void with a cumulative void period of 1000 years.

The key objectives were:
• To increase security and wellbeing
• To make the estate sustainable
• To improve the state of the properties and make them desirable

Before Refurbishment

After Refurbishment

• To reduce the carbon footprint of the properties
• To reduce fuel poverty amongst tenants
• To produce an attractive neighbourhood
• Tackle the blight of 63 voids.


The properties were refurbished using a combination of Structherm’s Structural Cladding and External Wall Insulation systems. These systems were chosen ahead of others as they offered several unique qualities that would help meet the project objectives in relation to thermal performance, structural integrity, and aesthetic qualities.


• Thermal performance has improved greatly with the “U” value dropping from 1.55 W/m2K to approximately 0.29 W/m2K. Which means that the properties are losing much less heat than before and thus working more efficiently.

• The improvements have produced a reduction in carbon emissions, from a typical 8 tonnes to 2.11 tonnes per annum (per property). Thus a total CO2 emission reduction across the estate of 3,534 tonnes per annum.

• The thermal efficiency has also resulted in a reduction in heating and hot water costs per home from a potential £800 per annum (per data provided by the Energy Savings Trust) to a projected £236 per annum.

Daneville Estate - Residential SEWI

Download the case study here.

 The use of Structherm’s Structural Cladding system provided a cost effective method of extending the life of the properties by remedying the serious structural defects. The system provided a rigid, insulating, and structurally continuous envelope around each property, enhancing its stability and anchoring back areas of loose material, using approved methods of structural repair. The improvements made have given the properties a further life expectancy of at least 30 years and made them mortgageable once again.

The physical appearance of the Daneville Estate has greatly improved, tenants and residents are happier and the perception of the whole area has changed for the better. A range of different high quality impact resistant render finishes have been used to great effect, transforming tired looking properties into homes that residents are proud of.