Finding the right finish for a project can be a tricky undertaking; making the aesthetic match the purpose and bring it together in one cohesive design – it can take a while; let alone any additional lead times for the product itself. Many brick finish projects especially fall into this trap as brick slip lead times at the moment are extensive. These delays can affect any project, costing enough to push developments over budget. There are innovative alternatives out there – including ArtBrick.

Gaining a commended certificate for the INCA Innovation Award 2018, ArtBrick makes it easy to tailor the colour, texture and design effect to the project, either by matching local bricks or to a custom design. The ArtBrick system can even replicate stone finishes, which opens up options for regenerating many other older or listed buildings.

“The Durham scheme is the first of its kind in the UK and gives Artbrick the chance to show its real capabilities at scale. The first completions have had an extremely positive reaction from all stakeholders and we feel that we are directly contributing to the efforts to end fuel poverty in our country.”

Andrew Jude

Technical Sales Manager, ArtBrick

Working in tandem with Structherm’s external wall insulation, ArtBrick is currently being installed on over 200 solid wall houses in Durham, with a combination of brick and stone finishes. The chosen stone effect is the first time this finish has been used to such a large scale and is virtually indistinguishable from traditional stone. 

With this unique finish, efflorescence isn’t an issue, and more it is faster to apply and less expensive than slip systems. Artbrick is an innovative product that sidesteps the current brick slip lead times whilst maintaining or improving the desired finished aesthetic quality.

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