Boots Pier & Panel, also known simply as ‘Boots’, were introduced in 1910. Over 8,000 were built by 1930.

These homes were built with reinforced concrete columns, with timber boarding and external render. Boots properties are designated ”defective” by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Boots house construction
Artwork by Graham Siddons, Structherm

The characteristics of a Boots Pier & Panel home include:-

  • 2-storey semi-detached and terraced houses.
  • Shallow or medium pitch hipped roof covered with tiles.
  • External walls rendered throughout.
  • Some houses have ground floor flat roofed bay windows.

Homes Built

Built Between

Designated Defective

By BRE report

Areas of Concern

  • Vertical cracking of clinker aggregate PRC columns.
  • Cracking of render.
  • Corrosion of wall ties.
  • Minor corrosion of column tie rods.

Our Approach

With any project, the first step is always a structural survey – especially with a designated defective property.

Once this has been carried out, our technical team are in the perfect position to advise on the right system for the project.

With our Broad Lane project, Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) worked with us deliver a Structherm SEWI refurbishment scheme.

The system being installed with a high performance acrylic render finish, with light blue render, and dark grey brick effect contrast panels, this ensures the properties are aesthetically pleasing and of a modern appearance.


Our work on Boots homes:

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