The construction of Airey properties was introduced by Sir Edwin Airey and were constructed after the Second World War to ease the chronic shortage of housing. They were developed at a time when traditional building materials and skilled labour were in short supply.

Airey houses were only designed to have a lifespan of maximum twenty years so consequently many of them have exceeded this expectation. Airey properties are designated ”defective” by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Artwork by Graham Siddons, Structherm

The characteristics of an Airey home include:-

  • 2-storey semi-detached houses
  • Medium or steep pitch roof – hipped or gable roof, finished with tiles.
  • Or a flat roof covered with bituminous felt.
  • The external walls are made of exposed aggregate PRC panels through-out with upper panels placed over those below.
  • The corners are finished with splayed PRC edge panels.
  • Tile hanging or horizontal timber boarding to the apex of the gable walls.

Homes Built

Built Between

Designated Defective

By BRE report

Areas of Concern

  • Cracking of PRC columns. 
  • Water penetration through PRC panels. 
  • High chloride content in PRC panels.

Our Approach

With any project, the first step is always a structural survey – especially with an Airey property.

Once this has been carried out, our technical team are in the perfect position to advise on the right system for the project.

With Phase 1 of our Wrexham Aireys project for instance, Wrexham County Borough Council appointed Westdale Services Limited to deliver a Structherm SEWI refurbishment scheme.

The system being installed with an ArtBrick™ finish to the ground floor, this ensures the properties are aesthetically pleasing and of traditional appearance.


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