Recent refurbishment of Dundee Orlit homes.

The refurbishment of 250 Dundee Orlits was part of an extensive scheme of property upgrades carried out in the area by Scottish and Southern Energy. Over time, the houses had become run down and looked out of date which meant a refurbishment effort was needed.

All of the properties had existing concrete columns behind the Orlit panels located at 8ft centres. The structural cladding panels were positively secured back to these columns sandwiching and securing the Orlit panels.

Before Refurbishment

After Refurbishment

Reports carried out on this type of property identified that cracking and movement in the external Orlit panels were common problems. A structural survey showed that a ‘spanning‘ system would be needed and that an insulated render system would not support the building. Therefore the only alternative to use was the Structherm Structural cladding due to its’ structural & spanning capacity.

Structherm’s structural EWI (SEWI) system was chosen as a cost-effective method of extending the life of these defective Orlit properties, and to provide a rigid, structurally continuous envelope around the property.

The installation of the system was carried out by several AICs, including Procast, to a specification of GPL125 structural cladding panels with a cream render finish. The workmanship by Procast was complemented by Steve Brown, our Quality Assurance Technician: “Every stage of the installation was of a high quality and noted in site reports. The finished article and sealing works, are now used as examples when training new installers.”

Following the completion of the project, the U-values significantly improved to 0.30W/m2k. In addition, the properties’ lifetime had been significantly extended.

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