Durham Artbrick Project 

Always at the forefront in the development of external wall insulation, Structherm have made another significant step forward in a £2.4m project in Durham. There, for the first time, we are proud to announce that ArtBrick Stone has been used at scale in a scheme of purely private housing.

“Our recent partnership with Artbrick has allowed us to become the first EWI system in the UK to provide insulation to hard-to-treat housing within a planning-sensitive, stone finished area. We think the houses look great and can’t wait to see more completions. Over the years residents and home owners have protected their stone properties through the use of standard sand and cement renders which effectively hides the original character of the dwelling and creates an inconsistent street scape. Our system combined with the Artbrick finish allows the character to be restored whilst still differentiating original from new. A planner or conservation officer’s dream” – Mark Harrison, Director.

Seen to be superior and more cost effective than either brick or stone slips for this and other applications, this is a wonderful example of how the system is flexible enough to be used successfully even on planning-sensitive buildings.

Structherm are one of only a select few insulation system manufacturers capable of carrying the BBA approved ArtBrick finish system.

The accompanying illustrations show the transformation. The building on the left has recently been completed, while the one on the right is still undergoing transformation.

The scheme is funded jointly by Durham County Council and the EU.

To learn more about this Durham Artbrick Project, or Structherm contact us.

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